Tennis or Squash Racket restrings
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Yonex Hi Soft Grap £3 each

Yonex Super Grap £2 each

Anti slip grip £1 each

PK Sports Over Grip £1 each

Restring Prices £15-£23/Racket (Badminton Strings included) 

£16 for Squash and Tennis Rackets string included

£12/Racket with your own string including Squash and Tennis Rackets

£1 for Logos on String

Warranty/Repair: normally we don't offer warranty, but if your string is new and in good condition, we may offer you free repair.... 

but you may cut the strings as it can damage the frame if you keep the broken strings.

Badminton Strings available:

How to choose strings and tension? 

Power Strings: Exbolt 63, Exbolt 65, Aerobite, BG 66 Force, BG 66 Ultimax, Nanogy 98

Durable strings: Exbolt 68, Exbold 65, Exbolt 63, Aerobite Boost, BG65

Control Strings: Exbolt 63,  Exbolt 65, Exbolt 68, Aerobite Boost, Aerobite, BG 66 Force, BG 66 Ultimax, Nanogy 99

Li-Ning NS95

TheLi-Ning NS95 badminton stringoffers an excellent compromise betweentouchand durability. This string is geared for players who enjoy power and a great deal of versatility.


This model is very similar to the Yonex BG65.

Color: GREEN £16/racket

Ashway Rally 21 Fire

Rally 21 Fire is a great value for money string suitable for all levels of play.


Color: White £16/racket

Forza FZ 70

A thin string with a gauge of 0,70 mm, which gives low air resistance but still with a good durability and superior tension holding.

Power: 5 * Playability: 5 * Durability: 5
Color: Yellow£16/racket

Topo Rainbow String

Gauge: 0.70mm,

Color: RAINBOW £15/racket

Yonex BG 65 T-2 Titanium

– a great all a multifilament string with a compound titanium hybrid coating providing a sharp but comfortable feel at impact.
Designed for hard hitters seeking maximum feel and durability.

Colors: PINK/RED/WHITE, £17/racket

Yonex BG 65-2

- is a 0.70mm durability string with soft feeling during play. Multifilament core and high quality nylon fibres for excellent repulsion and durability.

Colors: BLACK/YELLOW/ORANGE,£17/racket

Yonex BG-80   – a premium multifilament string. Its ultra thin gauge gives players greater power for smash shots. Yonex BG-80 is a high replusion string that offers favorable control with a distinctive hitting sound. Best suited for competitive or offensive players.



 Yonex BG-80 Power

Hard feeling, powerful, good tension retention, 0.68mm gauge

 BG80 is a powerful badminton string with outstanding tension retention. High Modulus Vectran Fibre is coiled around the multifilament construction which reduces string movement and allows string to hold tension for longer.



Yonex Nanogy 99

is for players looking for advanced control and repulsion power from their string.

Using a multifilament core and outer, the string is tough and able to perform well at all tension ranges.

A multifilament outer with a special nylon coating, makes use of braiding thin and thick filaments together produces a rough surface to generate maximum bite on the shuttle. This enhances control on tight net shots and increases spin from sliced shots.

The 0.69mm thickness provides good durability and high repulsion.

Colour: WHITE £19/racket

Yonex Nanogy 98

0.66mm Gauge string. Ideal for players who want a sharp feeling string with great repulsion for high and defensive shots.
Features Cup-stack Carbon Nanotube coating which increases strength, power and durability.

Colour: YELLOW/BLUE/Cosmmic Gold(white)/ £20/racket

Yonex BG66 Ultimax 

The BG66UM has a 0.65mm thin gauge and the perfect balance of maximum speed, control, and durability, making it the best choice for the world's top players.

Color: WHITE/YELLOW £18/racket

Yonex BG66 Force 

Yonex BG66 Force comes with a special coating that increases repulsion power for even more power on smashes. It is based on Yonex BG66, which is Yonex's thinnest multi-filament in a 0.65mm thin gauge.

Color: YELLOW £21/racket

Yonex AeroBite Hybrid 

●  0.67mm Mains/0.61mm Crosses 

●  High Intensity Braided Nylon 

●  Multifilament/Polyurethane Coated 

●  Control String 

●  Big Hitting Sound 

●  Medium Feeling


Color: RED (main), WHITE (cross) £25/racket

Yonex AeroBite BOOST

●0.72mm Mains/0.61mm Crosses

● Multifilament/Polyurethane Coated

● Power String

●Big Hitting Sound

Yonex AeroBite Boost, for smashing power and strong hitting feeling. Transmit power directly from the impact with two key materials to minimize the loss of energy by preventing deformation at impact. Super Fiber: Vectran™ - Stretch-resistant Super Fiber: More than twice as strong as nylon, and Oval Shaped Side Fiber - Less deformation at impact.

Increase the CONTROL performance of hairpin & cut shots. Polyurethane Coated Mains - Creates more friction/grip on the shuttle. Super Thin Cross String - Reduces friction between each string, increasing the main string performance.

Bite the shuttle with the surface of the vertical strings. Spin is achieved as the main strings return to their original position.

Color: YELLOW(main), GREY (cross) £23/racket

Yonex Exbolt 65

Gauge 0.65 mm

Core High-Intensity Nylon


Outer Forged Fiber 

Coating Elasticity Outer

Made In Japan

Color: YELLOW/WHITE £24/Racket

Yonex Exbolt 63 

Yonex ExBolt 63 Badminton String is a thin gauge string, of 0.63 mm. The core is composed of high-intensity nylon multifilament, while the outer is composed of the new innovative material: special braided forged fiber. This has strong molecular bonds resulting in 1.5 times higher heat resistance than general nylon. The thin yet durable forged fiber generates exhilarating sound at impact and high velocity drives that will catch your opponent of guard.

Color: YELLOW WHITE £24/Racket 

Yonex Exbolt 68 

The New Power-Driven Innovation from Yonex. With high levels of durability and power, this string is set to transform your game. Available in Black, Yellow and White.

Color: WHITE/BLACK £26/Racket 

Choosing the Right String

choosing the right string and tension is very, very important. It is as important as the racket itself. Take a look at the chart right and choose a string that is more suited for your play. As for the tension, the higher the tension you choose, the harder you will have to swing to get that power. However, higher string tensions give you much more control of the shuttle

Tension Recommendation:

Beginners: 20lbs - 22lbs.
Intermediate player: 22lbs. - 24 lbs.
Advanced Player: 25lbs and up.

Professionapl layer 27-30lbs

The right tension is related to the player level, shuttle, racket, string.

Plastic shuttle better choose thicker string and tension 22-24 lbs

Appropriate string tension is essential for:

  • Maximising performance: Playing with the suitable string tension allows you to produce good power and control in your shots.
  • Preventing Injury: String tension that is TOO HIGH can cause injury to your arm. This can possibly cause lead to tennis elbow (common elbow pain from racket sports) and damage to your triceps muscle.

what are you looking for in string feel?

  1. Durability (Extended life of strings, mainly by thickness. Usually ~0.70mm)

  2. Power/Repulsion (Power =/= Repulsion, but basically, the shuttle will leave your strings faster, which some people attribute to power; usually ~0.68mm)

  3. Control/Repulsion (You get better touch at the net with the thinner strings, but in general, does not give power due to stiffness in how the string is braided; usually also ~0.68mm)

"feels" of the string; usually categorised by how hard or soft the strings feel.

  1. Soft (Easier to generate power through a "trampoline" type feel. Usually doesn't hold tension as well, but plays quite well in higher-ish tensions)

  2. Medium (Overall playability, usually holds tension decently or better)

  3. Hard/Stiff (Excellent control or touch feels. On medium tension, it will "sound" higher when you hit it. Think of the ping ping sound when you hear people hit the shuttle. Plays better at lower tensions, unless you're strong enough to make the string bed flex like a trampoline feel)